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Outstanding warrants from Nevada are legal arrest orders typically issued in connection with felonies and gross and targeted misdemeanors. In fact, the term is simply an alteration of the name “active warrants” given to freshly issued orders for arrests. Despite the change in terminology, there is no difference made to the way in which these directives are treated or the powers they carry.

What are cops allowed to do when acting under the provisions of NV outstanding warrants?

An arrest warrant is said to be served when the alleged offender is taken into custody. For this police officers are allowed to enter any property whether it is owned publicly or privately including the home of the accused. Furthermore, arrests can occur at any time and even outside the county where the warrant was issued. As a matter of fact, when the crime in question is a serious felony, police officers can even go outside state lines to arrest the offender.

Although active warrants from NV are directed at all law enforcement agents from within the state, if an offender with an outstanding warrant to his name is found in another state, the local police can take him into custody. Subsequently, the arrestee will be deported to the NV county that issued the detention order. The use of force is allowed when effecting such seizures. However, the amount of physical restraint or force incorporated should be no more than what is required.

Who keeps information on outstanding warrants from NV?

At the state level, the Department of Public Safety keeps information on arrest records and active warrants. However, the local police and the judiciary, including the county clerk’s office, also maintain their own criminal history databases. The information kept by these agencies will be restricted to criminal occurrences that transpired within the boundaries of Nevada State. These state entities neither have Federal Crime History data in their hands nor will they procure it for applicants.

How can you launch an arrest warrant search in NV?

To find information on arrest warrants from NV, applicants get three options. It should be noted at this point that Nevada follows the closed records system which means that not everybody gets access to third-party crime history information. Typically, civilians are only allowed to access personal background reports. However, some crime-related information is deemed public and this can be accessed through various agencies.

For instance, if you are statutorily authorized to conduct searches on arrest warrants, you can get in touch with the DPS or approach the county clerk of the Supreme Court at:

Clerk of Supreme Court201 South Carson St.Carson City, NV 89701

You will get access to criminal as well as civil court dockets through this agency. This can be procured from the Department of Corrections if you are looking for information on inmates. To connect with the agency, you can write to them at:

Nevada Department of Corrections Central AdministrationSteward Facility5500 Snyder Ave., Building 17Carson City, NV 89701

Alternatively, you could use their online search tool available at Another way to find information on outstanding warrants from the state is to scour the website of some of the police departments that offer details on arrest orders through their websites.