Articles & Resources

  1. Nevada Outstanding Warrant Search – This page provides information about outstanding warrants in Nevada, essentially arrest orders issued typically in connection with serious crimes.

  2. Nevada Criminal Procedure – On this page, you can learn about the criminal proceedings in Nevada, from arrests to the issuance of warrants for both trivial offenses and felonies.

  3. Nevada Crime Information Center – This page details the responsibilities of Nevada’s Department of Public Safety’s Records and Technology Division, the entity responsible for maintaining the central database of criminal history in the state.

  4. Nevada Court System – Here, you can understand the structure of Nevada’s judicial system as laid down in Article 6 of the Nevada Constitution, including both state and federal level courts.

  5. Nevada Active Warrant Search – This page explains how active warrants are issued in Nevada according to the Revised Statues of the State, focusing on the requirements for issuing an arrest warrant.