Nevada’s Lax Gun Laws Contribute to Sky High Crime Rate

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Nevada remains one of the most dangerous states and gun control activists put the blame squarely on the gun laws—or lack thereof! The state allows almost anyone to buy a gun without a background check, license, or registration. This coupled with Nevada’s booming tourist industry is a recipe that keeps Nevada atop every violent crime list.

A permit is only required to carry a concealed firearm; it is legal to carry a conspicuous gun. The process for obtaining a concealed weapons permit is very easy, consisting of a few simple questions and a firearm class.

Gun shops in Nevada are not regulated and dealers are not required to have a license. Laws in Nevada do not require police inspections of gun stores and the state does not regulate sales or transactions in any way. Gun dealers are allowed to sell guns to almost anyone without a background check; and activists claim that this is one of the top reasons that the state has had the highest rate of gun related deaths of any state since 2000. Criminals and those with a history of mental illness are allowed to buy gun—as many as they want as there are no laws regulating quantities!

Most states’ gun laws are born out of current needs or customs, but Nevada is unique because the state is virtually all scarcely populated except for the extremely high rate of tourism and growth in Las Vegas and Reno.