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Several reasons exist to initiate an arrest warrant search in Lincoln County, NV. However, such inquiries are generally started right before hiring decisions are made. Yet, it cannot be denied that such investigations can also prove to be quite useful when conducted before getting into personal associations.

Process and Purpose of Inquiry

In fact, the police and other agencies offering information on Lincoln County arrests and active warrants make no distinction between inquiries launched for personal and professional reasons. However, you may be asked to state the purpose of seeking the information when making the request for it.

Information Gathered from Warrant Search

When you go to the police or the judiciary to find out about the Lincoln County outstanding warrants against the subject, you will also be able to learn about the arrest records in the name of this person. What is more, you will even be told about how the criminal cases filed against this individual played out until the verdict was delivered.

Contacting County Clerk’s Office for Cumulative Background Report

Actually, if you get in touch with the county clerk’s office, you could very well request a cumulative background report that includes details on the civil and criminal cases filed in the name of the individual under investigation. You can write to the agencies listed below to find Lincoln County arrest warrants or you could visit them in person.

Lincoln County Contact Details for Arrest Warrant Search

Law enforcement agency: PO Box 570, 1050 E SR 322, Pioche, Nevada 89043 The county magistrate: 1 Main St, Pioche, NV 89043 The clerk of court: PO Box 218, Pioche, Nevada 89043

Inquiry Contacts Over the Phone

If you are interested in learning about recent arrests, call 775-962-5151. If you want to learn about active warrants, call 775-962-8059/775-962-8082. If you are interested in victim’s assistance and victim’s rights, call 775-962-8073. If you want more information about obtaining criminal court records, call 775-962-5390.

Crime Statistics in Lincoln County

The crime rate in the county decreased by 27% in 2019. Nearly 13 of the 44 complaints were filed against violent crimes. These involved 8 cases of physical assault and 5 cases of rape, among others. There were roughly 31 property crime complaints filed in 2019. Of these 18 were attributed to larceny-theft.

Historical Crime Statistics in Lincoln County

The Lincoln County, Nevada police receive about 50 complaints each year against criminal transgressions and about 9% of these cases are made against violent crimes. Overall, there has been little movement in the area’s crime rates, with the growth of nearly 70% seen in violent crime being balanced off by a drop of almost 65% in reported criminal incidents.