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Although anybody can request an arrest warrant search in Clark County, NV, you should know that if a detention order is already out in your name, such an attempt can have grave consequences. No legal loophole exempts people from arrests when they saunter into a police station demanding to know about the outstanding warrants against them.

Approaching an Attorney and the Sheriff’s Office

If the active warrant has resulted from your involvement in a criminal act, it would be best to approach an attorney at the earliest. In contrast, if you find a warrant to your name but believe this might be the consequence of a stolen identity, you should immediately connect with the sheriff’s office.

Active Warrants in Clark County

Remember that an active warrant from Clark County only comes into being when the police manage to convince the judge that there is enough evidence to hold a person responsible for committing a crime. Once an order of this nature has been issued, the police waste no time in executing the decree.

Warrant and Regular Inquiries

This means that any warrant against you can have serious ramifications on your personal and professional life even if you were never involved in a criminal transgression. So, it would be best to conduct regular inquiries into any arrest warrants that may have been released in your name or that of a loved one. A warrant search done in Clark County will also get you details on arrest records, charges levied against the accused, and convictions.

Where to Access Arrest Warrant Data in Clark County

To get your hands on this data, go to:

The sheriff: 330 South Casino Center Blvd. 1st Floor, Las Vegas, Nevada 89101 The magistrate: 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89101 The clerk of court: 500 South Grand Central Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada 89115-1510

Acquiring Clark County Warrant Information Over the Phone (2023)

To access the reports of arrests and accidents handled by the police, call 702-397-2669. To inquire about recent arrests, call 702-671-3900. For victims’ assistance and advocacy, call 702-671-2500. To access judicial records, call 702-671-4554.

Crime Statistics in Clark County, Nevada

With its bustling urban pockets, Clark County, Nevada is a high-crime area that logs in almost 78,000 crimes yearly. Of these incidents, approximately 15% are violent, which puts the annual average of this crime category at nearly 12000 cases. Most of the criminal acts occur in the area when the victim is within a one-mile radius of his residence or workplace.