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An arrest warrant search in Churchill County, NV can be done just as easily as looking for any other form of public records. The only difference here is that while marriage and death records are put on the internet for quick and free access, the same cannot be said about crime history information.

When seeking details on the arrests warrants issued in Churchill County, you will have to do things the old fashioned way; start by driving down to the office of the sheriff. If you need criminal data like details on arrest records, the issue of active warrants, the release of bench warrants, conviction related tidbits and more, the police will undoubtedly be able to help.

For cumulative civil and criminal court details, you will have to try the office of the clerk of court. This agency has been entrusted the task of keeping the court dockets. These are a written description of what went on during a court session. Records are kept from the time a pre-warrant hearing is held to when the court delivers its verdict.

Although the office of the magistrate is also a part of the state’s judicial makeup and is higher up on the legal rung when compared to the county clerk’s department, you will only approach a court with criminal jurisdiction for your outstanding warrant inquiry. So, obviously one can see why the clerk of court can offer more comprehensive results.

Of course, if you only want to know about the arrest records and active warrants in the name of a person, the magistrate’s office will certainly be able to help. To get in touch with these state offices, you will have to go to:

  • The Police: 73 N Maine Street, Fallon, Nevada 89406
  • The court: Given above
  • The clerk of court: 155 North Taylor Street, Suite 131, Fallon, Nevada 89406

Nearly 700 crime incident reports are filed in Churchill County, Nevada every year. Of these complaints, just about 9% are made against violent criminal acts. So, essentially, only about 62 criminal cases filed every year are against violent crimes.