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A very simple way to avoid trouble with the law is to get a Carson City arrest warrant search done periodically. For this, you can go to the police or the judiciary; however, remember that if you do have a NV warrant in your name you risk being arrested immediately. In such a scenario, it would be more prudent to let your legal representative handle the situation for you.

On the other hand, if you seek information on arrest warrants from Carson City issued against third parties, you can get such details from:

  • Law enforcement: 911 East Musser Street, Carson City, Nevada 89701
  • Judiciary: 885 E Musser St, Carson City, NV 89701
  • County clerk: 885 East Musser, #1025, Carson City, Nevada 89701

Approaching the police would also be appropriate if you seek generic crime related data like a most wanted list for the area or even annual and past crime statistics. Another advantage of approaching the cops is that if you do find a warrant against your subject, you can lodge a complaint with the sheriff’s office on the spot and they will take action immediately.

In contrast, for a comprehensive background report, it would be better to go to the office of the county clerk. Along with crime data like arrest records and outstanding warrants from Carson City, the clerk of court’s office can also provide details on any civil litigations that bring up the name of the subject.

Also, this agency allows you to conduct a warrant search on your own by accessing their court dockets database through the public service terminals at the justice center. Finally, the office of the magistrate can provide details on the issue of other judicial orders for arrests apart from active warrants such as bench warrants and more.

Is it possible to get information on Carson City arrest warrants and recent arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • Call for information on recent arrests 775-283-5245.
  • Call for a warrant search 775-887-2121.
  • Call to learn how to do a local criminal history check 775-887-2500.
  • Call to contact Victim/Witness Services, phone 775-887-2268.
  • Call to learn the process for a case search775-887-2082.

Crime statistics of Carson City County

In 2019, the Carson City County Police filed 935 criminal cases, as opposed to the 1070 crimes handled in the previous year. These included 737 crimes against property and 198 crimes against persons.

Of the property crimes, 507 were larceny-thefts, 157 were burglaries, and 73 were motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent crimes 141 were aggravated assaults, 43 were rapes and 13 were robberies.

Older crime statistics

An estimated, 1600 crimes are reported in Carson City, Nevada every year. On an average, almost 5 crimes are reported on a day to day basis and approximately, 200 of these incidents are violent crimes. Fortunately, there has been a distinctive decline in the crime rates of the area with a drop of 30% seen across all crime categories.